GE OEC Brivo 785 Essential

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1. Primary Mobile C-Arm for Ortopedic, Urology and General Surgery
2. Loaded with top of the range features for better Image Quality at Low Dose, like : SmartMetal, AutoTrack, SmartWindow
3. The only primary C-Arm with Battery on board build – in for more safety for patient data and Computer system
4. Has a complete “Billiant” Low Dose Management with real time dose monitor.

1. CCD Camera : 1k x 1k x 16 bit
2. Image procesing : 16 Bit
3. Image Intensifier : 9 inch
4. Include on board UPS built in
5. Tube Generator monoblock – high frequency generator 2,3 kW
6. The biggest images Storage : 100.000 images
7. Software : AutoTrak, SmartWindow, SmartMetal
8. Continues Fluoro Low Dose and Pulse Mode


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