GE OEC 9900

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1. Premium Mobile C-Arm for more Clinical Procedure, like : Ortopedic, Urology, Spine, Pain Management, ERCP, GI and General Surgery
2. 2013 NASS (North America Spine Society) Best C-Arm with published study : Best Image Quality with the lowest X-Ray Dose (ALARA)
3. Include Advanced Features Software For The Best Image and Fast Workflow, like : DRM, SmartView, Touchscreen Monitor
4. Best C-Arm with Greatest Power, Safety Management and The Best Image Quality, Rotating Anode Tube with 15 kW High Frequency Generator.

1. CCD Camera : 1k x 1k x 16 bit
2. Image procesing : 16 Bit
3. Image Intensifier : 9 inch (12 inch is optional)
4. Include on board UPS built in
5. Tube Rotating Anode
6. Generator high frequncy 15 kW
7. SmartView patented by GE Features
8. Best Image Software : DRM, AutoEx, AutoTrak, SmartWindow, SmartMetal, 19 inch Touch Screen Monitor
9. Best Low dose with greater Safety : Continues Fluoro Low Dose and Pulse Mode
10. Fitur DSA dan CINE adalah Optional


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